We had great success with this year’s hackathon seeing inspiring ideas and great demos from our participants. Inspired by the results we saw we want to take the event even further next year.


In the next SAPSyke hackathon the teams will be competing in three categories. The categories will be 1) Industry apps, 2) Consumer apps, and 3) Team apps. You will find more detailed descriptions of each category from here


As an addition to last year we are now looking for interested mentors for these categories:


Why should I?

  • First of all it will be fun!
  • Second reason is to get yourself updates on the most important but also the most under hyped new SAP technology – The HANA Cloud Platform
  • Third and also a very beneficial reason is that as a mentor you can guide the work of the hackathon teams to create something useful for your organization.

What you got to do?

  • Think about what kind of development needs and challenges you have in the area you are mentoring
  • After the competition teams have been formed, you will arrange a couple of web meetings or conference calls to give the teams pre-briefing of your area and its challenges
  • If applicable, you can provide the teams your data (in OData format) in order to make the teams to create something very useful for you


You can decide yourself how much time you want to put into this. Minimum level would be to give one or two briefings and to participate in the hackathon event itself. If you are interested, please register via the registration link: https://www.lyyti.in/SAPsykeHack2017_mentor


SAPSyke team

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